Photos from Malta


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Malta is a super small country and I knew nothing about the island so decided to visit and check off another European country. I found a cheap flight online and decided to visit for a long weekend during the tourist low season.

Information online said that public transport in Malta is really good so I decided to stay in Valletta for 3 nights and then take the bus out of there. It worked well for a few nights but it would probably have made more sense to stay in different places around the island. Perhaps i'll do that next time.


There's not much to see in the capital city. I just got lost and walked the endless streets and alleys all day. Valletta is built on a small peninsula and the main roads in the city run parallel which gives really interesting views along the long city streets.

Valletta has a very nice aesthetic; the combination of old buildings, closed balconies and religious structures gives it a really unique atmosphere. You can find religious all over Malta and in Valletta especially. Almost every street corner is clad with sculptures of religious effigies.


Mdina is the old medieval fortified capital of Malta. Perhaps the name comes from the Arabic word madina, meaning town.

The city is surrounded by big city walls and you have to enter via a big city gate. Once inside it's clear that the city is very old; you can get lost in the tiny narrow streets super easy.